Säkenöivät tytöt on valittu Tähtivaeltaja 2014 palkintoehdokkaaksi "Aikamatkaavan sarjamurhaajatrillerin traagiset ihmiskohtalot koskettavat."

Harper Curtis löytää avaimen mystiseen taloon Chicagossa, vuonna 1931. Talossa on merkillisiä muistoesineitä ja ovi, joka avautuu eri aikoihin. Kummallisen talon avulla siihen saakka tietään etsinyt mies saa elämälleen tarkoituksen: hän al­kaa metsästää säkenöiviä tyttöjä, jotka loistavat ja sädehtivät hänen silmissään kukin omina aikoi­naan kirkkaammin kuin muut. Harper vahtii uh­rejaan läpi näiden elämän ja murhaa nämä lopulta hirvittävällä tavalla kunnes vuonna 1989 eräs heistä, Kirby Mazrachi, jää kuin ihmeen kaupalla eloon. 

Henkisesti ja fyysisesti pahoin arpeutunut Kirby etsiytyy harjoittelijaksi sanomalehteen ja tapaa siellä entisen rikostoimittajan, kyynisen Danin. Tämä ryhtyy, tosin alkuun vastentahtoisesti, aut­tamaan lähes pakkomielteisestä Kirbyä ratko­maan mysteeriä ja jäljittämään murhaajaa, jonka jäljittäminen on käytännössä mahdotonta. Pari­valjakko onnistuu kuitenkin löytämään vihjeitä, joiden avulla he pääsevät Harperin jäljille. Ja lo­pulta kohtaaminen on väistämätön... 

Hyytävän pelottava Säkenöivät tytöt on genre­rajat rikkova sarja murhaajatrilleri, jonka vahva ja omalaatuinen sankaritar tuo mieleen Lisbeth Salanderin. Näkökulmatekniikkaa taiturimaises­ti hyödyntävä kerronta pitää lukijan otteessaan, ja uskomaton tarina saa haukkomaan henkeä. 

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The sensational full length UK trailer.
The Shining Girls'Acquired by MRC, DiCaprio's Appian Way 





Tässä todellakin on rajoja rikkova rikosromaani. Se on toisaalta hyvin realistinen, toisaalta fantasiamainen.   Lauren Beukes on luonut kokeellisen mutta tasapainoisen murhajännärin.

Janne Mäkelä, Ruumiin Kulttuuri

Suosio on helppo ymmärtää, sillä Säkenöivät tytöt on kutkuttavan omaperäinen versio kalutusta aiheesta. Ihan heti ei mieleen tule toista feministisesti painottunutta trilleriä, jonka keskushenkilö on ajassa matkaava sarjamurhaaja.

Toni Jerrman, Helsingin Sanomat

Confidently written the dark tale is told inventively and is full of surprises Keep the lights on.  

Daily Mail 


Ingenious and imaginative This clever thriller is compulsively readable.

Sunday Mirror 



THE SHINING GIRLS is utterly original, beautifully written, and I must say, it creeped the holy bejasus out of me. This is something special.

Tana French, author of IN THE WOODS & BROKEN HARBOUR


A new kind of thriller. A dark, relentless, time-twisting, page-turning murder story guaranteed to give you heart palpitations. It shines.

Matt Haig, author of THE RADLEYS


THE SHINING GIRLS is enthralling, dazzlingly inventive, and superbly executed. A huge accomplishment.

Deon Meyer, author of SEVEN DAYS and TRACKERS


A tremendous work of suspense fiction... a mind-melting, heart-pounding mashup that delivers on its promise.

  Cory Doctorow


Imagine Poe and Steinbeck in a knife fight where Poe wins and writes Jack the Ripper's version of THE GRAPES OF WRATH. Lauren Beukes THE SHINING GIRLS is even scarier than that.

Richard Kadrey, author of SANDMAN SLIM


US Reviews

(Mulholland Books, 2013)


A grisly crime thriller meets sci-fi action meets historical fiction in a wildly inventive summer page-turner

Entertainment Weekly



UK Reviews

(HarperCollins 2013)


Brilliant By placing the victims centre stage, Beukes celebrates each girl's life and transforms a genre that often seems sickly sensationalist Forget GONE GIRL, now its all about THE SHINING GIRLS.

The Observer (Why Were Watching feature)


Confidently written the dark tale is told inventively and is full of surprises Keep the lights on.

Daily Mail


Beukes has enormous fun with the concept an entertaining novel that will be read with keen attention

The Guardian


THE SHINING GIRLS sparkles with the promise of being a breakthrough novel Beukes neatly sidesteps the lazy sensationalism of some purveyors of the crime noir genre, deftly capturing the crucible of raw human emotion where life and death collide. Even in death, the women she writes about are not diminished, steadfastly foiling the evil in the world that would try to claim or erase them. They are not victims in the true sense of the word. Each in her own way has railed against the conventions of her time and Beukes celebrates them all.

Glasgow Herald


THE SHINING GIRLS is going to take some beating this summer you're in for a wild, brutal ride through the 20th century, in the company of one of the sarkiest, most resilient heroines you're likely to meet this year.

The Observer


Ingenious and imaginative This clever thriller is compulsively readable. 

Sunday Mirror 


If youve got a GONE GIRL shaped hole in your life, try this cleverly constructed thriller

 Evening Standard 


Highly original guaranteed to have you sleeping with the lights on.

Easy Living


A killer of a novel a brilliant mess-with-your-mind conclusion

Marie Claire


a terrific supernatural thriller Beukes is no longer first and foremost a genre writer shes proved shes got the nerve to go after the widest possible audience while remaining a serious writer unafraid to set out her own unsettling visions of the world. Thats some combination.



Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner Lauren Beukes expertly delivers an unconventional, non-linear narrative that skips between decades and characters. The writing is smart, the pace is snappy, the action perfectly timed and the period detail spot-on. The House is a nice twist on your typical haunted abode, and altogether this is a creative mash-up of a novel that blends elements of thriller, horror, crime and science fiction with enormous verve. It deserves to be a huge success.

Starburst Magazine


Lauren Beukes tale of a time-travelling serial killer and the only girl to escape him gripping; its a painstakingly researched and utterly convincing THE SHINING GIRLS is both a fascinating journey through modern American history and an utterly compelling and chilling thriller.

Scfi Now


South African Reviews

(Random Struik, 2013)


To the delight of sci-fi fans across the globe, Lauren Beukes latest concept novel, The Shining Girls, is to be released on 15 April. Named one of Publishers Weeklys top 10 most anticipated mysteries and thrillers of 2013

Mercedes Benz Magazine


Fans have been waiting with bated breath to see what Lauren will do next  

[The Shining Girls] is tipped to be one of the most talked about releases of the year, and looks to turn Lauren into a literary superstar. 



To say the novel is well-researched is an understatement. Beukes is meticulous. 

Big Issue




Online Reviews


Readers who enjoy genre-bending fiction will be drawn to her memorable heroines determination to save her future by resolving her past. 

Library Journal, April 2013


It literally took real effort not to start shouting from the rooftops about how fantastic it is. Yes, we really do love it that muchfantastic pacing immaculate eye for detail "The Shining Girls" by Lauren Beukes is fresh, innovative and damn amazing! Read it!

UpComing4.me Blog


It would be difficult to overstate how much I loved this book. Its a thriller for people who dont read thrillers; fantasy for people who dont read fantasy, and literary fiction for people who dont read literary fiction. Its a bloody good book for people who like to read bloody good books.

The Writes of Women Blog


For a story with an element of time travel, I loved that it didnt go into the future. There is a vintage feel to it and the 90s setting feels more natural for a newspaper investigation The description of Kirbys attack is a powerful piece of writing. Her awareness coupled with the horror, make it difficult reading but will stick with you long afterThe Shining Girls is a genre defying novel; something we are starting to see a lot more of these days and that can only be a good thing a gripping thriller.

Curiosity killed the Bookworm


Its not often that I come across a book that I just cant put down, clichéd as it might sound The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes is one of those novels that demands to be read in one sitting. Its a fantastically creepy story with a compelling narrative

Beukes deftly handles these time shifts and manages to capture the essence of each time period, incorporating some historic titbits that really brings the world to life and adds authenticity You almost feel tainted each time you experience things from [the serial killers] perspective a sure sign of brilliantly engaging writing Its a fantastically creepy, mind-bending read that grabs you and just doesnt let go until the very last page Highly recommended

Words in Ink Blog


The opening chapter Kirby and Harpers first meeting is one of the creepiest things I have read in a long time, and sets the tone of the novel perfectly!

AUGH! This book is amazing! You have to buy it, read it, then tell your friends to do the same! You will not regret it!

Teen Librarian Blog


Lauren Beukes (whose previous works include the acclaimed sci fi novel Zoo City) plays with genres, and with the often-tired concept of time travel, in ways that are smart, assured and chillingly dark... Beukes is an incredibly good writer, and this novel is a technical marvelWith this novel Beukes has truly done something astonishing. Shes created a fantasy world so real that you feel terrified you might end up in it.

The Bookbag Blog



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